The Concept

The Bano Concept involves well-planned placement of all the features within a bathroom. To ensure the best possible functionality, each product has been adapted and further developed during several years of testing and use. In order to develop a bathroom that helps people with reduced functional abilities to achieve optimal movement within this space, Bano has been carrying out research into people´s natural movement patterns for over five years. The result is a bathroom concept that gives the user security and facilitates independence.


The key is to activate the senior citizen’s remaining physical resources. This liberates personal resources and actually makes life simpler for both the resident and the carer.
• Almost all senior citizens have some reserve energy. 
• No longer dependent on help for all tasks.

Quality of life

Improved self-help in the bathroom gives senior citizens a higher degree of security and independence. This increases self-esteem and improves quality of life.
• Specially designed grab bars 
• Excellent accessibility
• Optimal positioning of all elements

Work environment

The Bano Concept substantially reduces the need for personal assistance
• Specially designed grab bars
• Excellent accessibility
• Optimal positioning of all elements

Height adjustment for Sistern and Washbasin- Eletrical / Manual

Bano has developed height-adjustable product solutions which can easily be adapted for all users. The washbasin, toilet, support handles by the toilet and shower set are adjustable.
• ŸEasier mobility.
• ŸReduced strain for both resident and carer
•ŸSimple manual adjustment.

Manual System


Intuitive Grab Bar System

The Intuitive Grab bars are essential for preventing falls. It´s give the user support while using all areas of Bano´s bathroom. The bars are strategically designed to “intuitive grab on” in case of body unbalance or lack of vision.