We can offer:

• Interface details for HVAC, consultant structual and electrical engineers

• Reception and installation on site

• Training programme for professional carers after installation

• Technical drawings and design proposals Bano can help with the design for all types of projects.

• Seminar

During our concept presentation we will speak about the researches and the testing behind the development of our bathroom. We will focus on quality of life for the user, as well as effective working environments for the nursing staff due to the flexibility of the Bano concept.

• Installation

We have our own installation team to ensure your bathroom is completed to a high standard.

• Training programme

When a Bano bathroom is installed we will provide the nursing staff with training. The purpose is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Bano concept. We’ll demonstrate the most efficient usage of the bathroom for a user as well as for 
the nursing staff.
It’s possible to improve work environment with the aid of the different elements in the Bano concept together with correct moving assistance. We will demonstrate examples of this during the training.